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Paybis is a popular & cryptocurrency exchange. They serve countries and 48 US states and are registered with FinCEN, making them a more.
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The fee structure of the platform is quite detailed and has different transaction fees for each cryptocurrency that the platform deals with. The platform also has different fee structures according to the trading volume of the user on a day basis. They also launched an app on the mobile to increase accessibility of their users. The platform was created in December The platform also hosts a peer to peer transaction capabilities and also allows users to lend or borrow their assets to increase their chances of gaining additional profit.

Over the course of time, the platform introduced stop-limit orders so that users can minimize their losses while trading on the platform.

The platform deals with a vast array of cryptocurrencies and hence allows its users a plethora of cryptocurrencies to choose from without changing their trading platform. The fee is structured in 11 different levels according to the aforementioned factors and the range of the fee usually ranges from 0. CoinDCX is considered as one of the biggest players in terms of users and safety when it comes to domestic cryptocurrency exchange markets. The platform provides its users access with more than cryptocurrencies on a single platform.

The platform also released a number of products that are meant to assist its users with cryptocurrency trading by providing them with market leverage, price conversions, attractive interest rates on lending, and unlimited trading with a near-limitless order book. The platform also levies a fee when a cross-platform trade is conducted.

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WazirX is considered as an underdog champion in the field of domestic cryptocurrency exchange platforms. The platform was created in and soon gained huge popularity among investors and users. The platform also provides its users with a peer to peer transaction ability and maintains a system that is capable of handling millions of transactions and can scale up the infrastructure to meet the rising demands.

The fee structure of is minimum and is usually between 0. WazirX is also available on 5 different platforms, thus ensuring that users on every domain are capable of accessing their exchange. The platform quickly became an industry leader in the field of domestic cryptocurrency exchange markets and soon amassed a huge community of investors and crypto enthusiasts. The platform was one of the first crypto exchanges that introduced the peer to peer transaction model and provides its users with multiple cryptocurrencies to choose and trade with.

The platform is specifically created to ensure ease of use for both experienced investors as well as interested users who are new to the concept of crypto trading. BuyUCoin charges a 0 percent fee for their OTC desk while the transaction fees vary according to the cryptocurrency that is being traded. Disclaimer: This is a user generated content for MyStory, a YourStory initiative to enable its community to contribute and have their voices heard. The price to buy Bitcoin is same as other Indian crypto exchanges. If you are looking to sell Bitcoins in India at a higher price, this is a great choice for you.

It works as an escrow service to ensure your funds are safe when transacting in the P2P model. Unocoin is the first website that I recommend you to get started with if you have never purchased Bitcoin before. This is a more conservative approach to investing in bitcoin than spending all your money on Bitcoin at once.

This technique allows you to commit to a fixed INR amount on Bitcoin on a regular schedule regardless of the price. This feature helps with financial discipline by averaging out your cost and thereby reducing risk resulting in generating better returns.

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At the time of writing, one can invest a maximum of up to 50K at once either in a daily, weekly, or monthly schedule. Unlike all the other websites listed here, this works in a different way.

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Here you can trade your Amazon gift card in exchange for Bitcoin. This is a smart way to trade your Amazon gift card for Bitcoin. I like Coinome for instant purchase and great service. You can choose any of the listed websites based on your preferences.

Best Indian Crypto Exchanges To Buy Bitcoins in India [Updated]

Here is a list of websites from China, U. If you know of any other Indian Bitcoin websites that should be on the list, let me know in the comment section below. Note: This article was originally published on Coinsutra over here. Subscribe on YouTube. I believe in the concept of Bitcoins. Still I think, Bitcoins will only work for a short period of time, a few years, before a concept will be found, that works better for the masses.

Unocoin offers unique OTC Over The Counter services that enable bulk trade and SIP Systematic Investment Plan feature that allows users to set aside a specific amount which will be automatically deducted from their linked bank account each month for the purchase of digital asset at the prevailing market rate.

Click here to join our channel TheWeekmagazine and stay updated with the latest headlines. Home News Business. Let us give you our Top 5 best cryptocurrency exchange in India. CoinSwitch: CoinSwitch is one of the best crypto exchange aggregators in the world, supporting most of the countries in the world, including India. ZebPay: ZebPay has served over 3 million members since Unocoin: Unocoin is one of the most trusted places to trade Bitcoin, Ether and Tether.

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